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How About Mirror Decoration Above The Fireplace

Nobody gives a lot of thought when it comes to decorating the space above the fireplace. Most of the times it remains plane or it is classically decorated with a family picture or a clock. Mirrors are very suitable for decorating such specific spots.

A well selected combination of mirrors will make the fireplace look very attractive. Here are some instructions on how to successfully decorate your fireplace. In order to draw the attention of your guests to the fireplace hang one large mirror above it. The mirror could be framed in different material – metal, wood, leather – you could try to match it to the interior design of your room. Select a color that suit the furniture and decorative elements in the premise.

Another way to decorate the given spot is to a number of arrange small same sized mirrors side by side so that they cover completely the place. It would look like an exquisite mosaic that will catch the eye of every guest you invite at home.

Mirror layering is another ingenious approach. Select a mirror and on top of it attach a smaller mirror in a playful shape. The effect would be amazing as long as you like the nontraditional approach and you are not afraid to be less conventional and mainstream.
Instead of putting one large mirror place six or eight smaller mirrors of the same size and shape. You can try diamond-shaped mirrors and place them above each other three over the other three. The idea is not to leave any free space between them.

Use your creativity and improvise. For example you can put one large mirror to serve as a foundation and decorate it with smaller reflective pieces in its corners. They can have different shape, size, design. Decorating is not easy, but when you’re done with your project it gets much harder. It comes time to clean the mess. Keeping your home clean is very important, but unfortunately it is very exhausting. If you do not have time to tackle such a task as cleaning, hire professionals. For home cleaning Pinner is area that offers a wide pool of cleaning companies. Cleaners in Pinner are very reliable and they are experts at what they are doing. Visit their website for more information.

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